Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Winter Break

We will be taking from Wednesday December 21-Sunday January 1 off for our Christmas winter break. Normal classes will resume on Monday January 2. If your student normally comes only on Wednesday to tumbling they can come on Monday December 19 and join the Monday class to get their class in for that week. If your student normally comes only on Thursday to tumbling they can come on Tuesday December 20 and join the Tuesday class to get their class in for that week. For example:

If your daughter/son comes to class on only Wednesdays from 4:15-5:15 have them come on Monday the 19th from 4:15-5:15
If your daughter/son comes to class on only Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15 have them come on Monday the 19th from 5:15-6:15
If your daughter/son comes to class on only Wednesdays from 6:15-7:15 have them come on Monday the 19th from 6:15-7:15

If your daughter/son comes to class on only Thursdays from 3:15-5:00 have them come on Monday the 19th from 3:15-4:15
If your daugher/son comes to class on only Thursdays from 5:00-6:00 have them come on Tuesday the 20th from 6:15-7:15

**There will be no Cheer classes held for those 2 weeks**

I hope this is not too confusing to everyone. If you happen to have any questions please feel free to contact me at 801-414-5668.

****Also please have all tuition paid before the week of December 19!**

Thank you all so much and we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summers over!

We can't believe that summer is almost over and that we start tumbling again next week. We are really excited about our classes this year and excited to see a lot of familiar faces coming back again but we are also excited for lots of new faces that will be joining us. We have contacted all of you, hopefully, with your class day and time but just in case you have forgotten or we missed you somehow here is a list of the class days and times. If you have any questions feel free to contact Heidi 801-414-5668 or Jamie 801-541-9887

Classes begin the week of August 8

Monday 3:15/Thursday 3:15-5 (Taught by Camilla Cheer by Jordan)

Ellie A

Anna B

Morgan C

Noelle D

Mikaela F

Madi H

Alyssa M

Kylee N

Monday/Wednesday 4:15-5:15 (Taught by Camilla/Alyssa; Heidi/Kamarie)

Gracie A

Mary B

Hampton F

Hollee G

Brinley H

Haylie J

Rachel J

Danielle L

Beth M

Hallie S

Emily S

Ellie W

Brookly S (Wednesday only)

Monday/Wednesday 5:15-6:15 (Taught by Camilla/Alyssa; Heidi/Kamarie)

Janelle C

Ashley D

Hannah G

Alyssa H

Annika H

Adysen L

Anzlei L

Abbey L

Kensi N

Chloe O

Brianne R

Quincy S

Addy T

Monday/Wednesday 6:15-7:15 (Taught by Heidi/Alyssa; Heidi/Kamarie)

Brooklyn B

Ellie B

Ashton C

Megan G

Lily G

Charly G

Rylee J

Kylie K

Jayden M

Chloe M

Brinley N

Berkley O

Tuesday 3:45-4:15 (Taught by Jordan/Kristen)

Gabby E

McCoy J

Tatum J

Sadie M

Taylor M

Brikelle P

Tuesday 4:30-5:15 (Taught by Jordan/Kristen)

Bella C

Kennedy F

Sara H

Raygan J

Makenli M

Ella N

Tasha V

Elizabeth Z

Myca Z

Mykala Z

Trinity Z

Keira S (?)

Tuesday 5:15-6:15 (Taught by Katie/Jordan)

Brinley A

Kayla D

Hannah H

Makaylee Q

Jeremy R

Avery S

Maddie S

Brooklyn S

Nethra S

Emma T

Jessi W

Charley V

Caytlin Z

Crizmen C

Tuesday 6:15/Thursday 5:00 (Taught by Katie; Bethanie)

Skye B

Erin B

Hannah B

Sharlene C

Kailey Q

Kyli V

Kezlyn W

Hailey V

Carli V

Tayler L (Tuesday Only)

Shalya M (Tuesday Only)

Mickell C (Thursday Only)

As we have called you hopefully we remembered to remind you about our new studio location. We are now located above the Maxwell Carpets building. If you pull into the Maxwell carpet parking lot (10122 S Redwood Rd) and you are facing the building you will see to the North of Maxwells that there is an allie/walkway area. You will walk into that walk area and you will see a door on your left side, go into that door, go up the stairs, turn to the left walk forward and you will see us on your left. We ask that parents just drop their children off and not watch it helps your child learn to trust and listen to their teacher and not rely on their parent there watching them. It also helps with less confusion during class time. If you want to walk your child in that is fine but if you park and leave your car you will need to either park on the South side of Maxwell Carpets or in the back on the West side of the building. If you are just going to come pick up your child and wait out in the parking lot for them then you can wait out front for a min until they come out. Otherwise if you are going to be waiting there for a long period of time please either park on the side of the building or in the back. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We are looking forward to seeing all of you next week and are excited for another great year!

Thank you

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Its that time of year again!
Time to get your kids registered for classes beginning in August

If you are currently a student with us bring us your registration form by the recital on Monday and also email your information to
We always give first priority to our current students after the recital we will be opening slots for people on the waiting list to please make sure to get us your registration forms by the recital! We hope to see all of you back again!

If you are not currently a student with us give us a call
Jamie - 801-541-9887

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Dear Parents,

I wanted to give you some information for the next few months. First of all the recital is going to be held on Monday, June 20th at Herriman High School. I will be sending out emails and notes later with more detailed information.

Costume balance payments will be due with tuition in May- the amounts due are as follows if you have already paid your $60 registration fee. It not then please add the following balance to your fee:

Mon 4:15/Wed 5:15 - $20
Mon 5:15/Wed 6:15 - $15
Tues 5:15/Thurs 6:15- $20
Tues 6:15/Thurs 5:15 - $20
Wed 3:45- $15
Wed 4:15- $15

The Monday 3:15/Thursday 3:15 class have not been ordered yet, I will have those to you in the next week or so.

Also I would like for everyone to pay their June tuition with their May tuition. If you do not or cannot pay for both months at the same time, that is just fine, please just send a post dated check for June with your May payment. Because June si busy and hectic with the recital I always have a hard time collecting payments so I would appreciate your support and understanding. Thank you for all you do for your kids, we love them so much and are so excited for them to show you how good they are! They have all progressed and learned so much this year! Please email me if you have any questions! Thanks, Jamie Nordberg

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Presidents Day

Just a reminder that there will not be any tumbling tomorrow due to Presidents Day! We hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Martin Luther King Day

Just a quick reminder that there will be no tumbling on Monday January 17 due to Martin Luther King Day! Tuition is still the same for the month.. Thank you