Friday, July 24, 2015

2015 class schedule

Monday 3:45-4:45 (Cheer 4:45-5:15)/Wednesday 3:45-4:45
Abbey L. (Cheer)
Megan O. (Cheer)
Zoe O. (Cheer)
Brianne R.
Hampton F.
Kennedy F.
Avery S.
Kelly N.
Jeremy R.
Alyssia M.
Annika H.
Carly V.

Monday 5:15-6:15/Wednesday 4:45-5:45
Brooklyn G.
Melanie S.
Erica S.
Sadie G.
Ellie D.
Savannah C.
Ava B.
Whitney R.
Aundrea N.
Morgan W.
Bailee A. (Monday)
Jacque V. (Wednesday)
Erin H. (Monday)
Brooke N. (Wednesday)

Monday 6:15-7:15/Wednesday 5:45-6:45
Charly G
Lily G
Brinley N.
Kensi N.
Megan G.
Madison B.
Ella W.
Paityn B.
Norah H.
Allison M.
Olivia P.
Aubrey M (Monday)
Charlise V. (Wednesday)
Chloe Q. (Monday)
Lexie H. (Wednesday)
Tasha V. (Wednesday)

Tuesday/Thursday 4:15-5:15
Hannah H.
Kelsey W.
Madelyn W.
Tessa D.
Savanna K.
Anna P.
Katarina M.
Aubrey D.
Peyton J. (Tuesday)
Emily A. (Thursday)
Jamie L. (Tuesday)
Adalee W. (Thursday)

Tuesday 5:15-6:15
Ellie N.
Berklee N.
Skylar P
Grace W.
Cici H.
Chloe D.
Avri H.
Macall H.
Gwen H.
Taylie H.
Lynli J.
Jayde H.

Tuesday/Thursday 6:15-7:15
Lexie S.
Kylie S.
Raegan B.
Ashlyn T.
Bella C.
Ella W. (Tuesday)
Emma S. (Thursday)
Sophie W. (Tuesday)
Ashton C. (Thursday)
Calli G. (Tuesday)
Amelia B (Thursday)
Sydney G (Tuesday)
Madison E (Tuesday)

Thursday 5:15-6:15
Taylor R.
Amelia P
Rachel M
Ainsley H.
Addy B
Reagan C
Paisleigh F
Lucy B
Amelia A
Kylee W
Cielo C
Grace S

Wendesday 3:15-3:45
Sophie G
Norah H
Lily G
Mia C
Adelynn B
Olivia M

Tuesday 3:45-4:15
Mazlee M
Paisley G
Rylee B.
Preston B.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Classes are getting ready to start

This week is the week!  Can you even believe that classes start back up this week.  We are excited to get things started and can't wait to see you all again.  Our class list are below.  We still have some spots available in our beginning 4-7 year old class and our beginning 8 and up class.

Monday 10:30-11 AM with Heidi
Sophie G.
Ava F.
Gwen C.
Norah A.
Ellie & Berklee N.
Skylar H.

Monday 3:45-4:45 (tumbling) 4:45-5:15 (cheer) with Camilla/Wednesday 4-5 with Heidi & Alyssa 
Melia W. -- cheer
Erynn C. -- cheer
Hannah G. --cheer
Chloe O. -- cheer
Abbey L. --cheer
Adri M. --cheer
Brianne R. -- cheer
Janelle C -- Monday only plus cheer
Emilee M.
Hampton F
Jeremy R.
Alyssia M. -- Monday only
Annika H. -- Wednesday only
Kennedy H. -- Wednesday only
Abby M. -- Wednesday only

Monday/Wednesday 5:15-6:15 with Camilla & TBA and Heidi & Alyssa 
Avery I.
Kelsey W.
Brooklyn G.
Olivia Peston
Jacque V.
Sadie G.
Erin H.
Melanie S.
Norah H.
Chloe Q.
Kimmie H.
Aubrey M. -- Monday only
McKinley S. -- Monday only
Olivia Peterson -- Wednesday only

Monday/Wednesday 6:15-7:15 with Camilla & Heidi and Heidi & Alyssa 
Kennedy F.
Avery S.
Chloe A.
Madison B.
Megan G.
Lily & Charly G.
Brinley and Kensi N.
Charlise and Tasha V.
Emily A
Peyton B
Aubrey D

Tuesday 4:30-5:15 with Jordan & Hannah 
Kolter, Gavin, Kaeson D.
Hudson A.
Reagan C.
Paisleigh F.
Nash & Banx Collie

Tuesday 5:15-6:15 with Jordan 
Madeline A.
Lexie & Kylie S.
Ashton C.
Alyssa A.
Skyler H.
Raegan B.

Tuesday 6:15-7:15 with Jordan & Hannah/Thursday 5:15-6:15 with Camilla & Alyssa 
Kelly N.
Anna P.
Cameron W.
Abby C.
Ella & Sophie W.
Peyton J. -- Tuesday only
Bella C. -- Tuesday only
Ellie R. --Tuesday only
McKenna F. -- Tuesday only
Emma S. -- Thursday only
Ashlyn T.-- Thursday only
Jamie L. -- Thursday only
Erika & Kylie N. -- Thursday only

Thursday 4:15-5:15 with Camilla & Alyssa 
Gracie S.
Ashton C.
Whitney R.
Libby G.
Taylor R.
Amelia P.
Avery & Morgan M.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cheer Class

We hope to start up a cheer class in September and for sure want to do one on Tuesday from 7:15-7:45.  Jordan our cute Utah Cheerleader will be the teacher of the class again this year.  If there is enough interested we can look into doing one on another night of the week too!

Class lists for August 2013-June 2014

Monday 3:30-5:15(Cheer/Tumbling)/Wednesday 5:15-6:15 (Tumbling) taught by Camilla & Heidi
Crizmen C
Janell C
Hannah G
Kasherri H
Abbey L
Emilee M
Kylee N
Chloe O
Kailey Q
Addy T
Annika H (Wednesday)

Monday 5:15-6:15/Wednesday 4:15-5:15 - Taught by Camilla & Alyssa & Heidi
Chloe A
Madison B
Megan G
Charly G
Lily G
Brinley N
Kensi N
Kaitlyn S
Charlise V
Tasah V
Elysse P (Monday)

Wednesday 3:45-4:15 - Taught by Alyssa
Brooklyn G
Ellie N
Carter G
Whitney R

Monday/Wednesday 6:15-7:15 - Taught by Camilla, Alyssa & Kamarie
Mary B
Erynn C
Kennedy F
Hampton F
Alyssa H
Jeremy R
Brianne R
Avery S
Gracie P (Monday)
Noma K (Wednesday)
Va'a K (Wednesday)

Tuesday 4:15-5:15 - Taught by Jordan
Ava D
Sadie A
Ashton C
Sadie G
Faith H
Makenli M
Kelsey W
Sophie W
Brynne R

Tuesday/Thursday 5:15-6:15 - Taught by Jordan & Camilla
Telea B
Ashley C
Bella C
Erin H
Avery I
Lahua P
Olivia P
Chloe Q
Brynlee W
Quinnley S (Tuesday)
Lexi H (Tuesday)
Aubrey M (Thursday)

Tuesday 6:15-7:15/Thursday 4:15-5:15 - Taught by Jordan & Kamarie
Kara B
Kelly N
Cameron W
Emily A (Tuesday)
Paityn B (Tuesday)
Aubrey D (Tuesday)
Jessica M (Tuesday)
Emma S (Tuesday)
Jordyn L (Tuesday)
Ella W (Tuesday)
Abby C (Thursday)
Jamie L (Thursday)
Alyssia M (Thursday)
Lydia T (Thursday)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Class List 2013 tumbling year

Here are the class lists for classes beginning Monday August 6

Monday 3:15-4:15 /Thursday 3:30-5:15 (taught by Camilla) **Class is Full**
Ellie A
Morgan C
Crizmen C
Janell C
Hannah G
Adysen L
Kylee N
Kyrsten P
Kailey Q
Rebecca V
Josie S
Karli F
Sydney K

Monday/Wednesday 4:15-5:15 (taught by Camilla & Heidi/Whitney) **Limited spots available**
Hollee G
Anzelei L
Abbey L
Emily M
Kensi N
Chloe O
Jeremy R
Brianne R
Quincey S
Addy T
Hampton F
Zoe Olson - Monday only
Annika Hedman - Wednesday only

Monday/Wednesday 5:15-6:15 (taught by Bethanie/Kamarie & Heidi/Alyssa) **Class is full**
Megan G
Charly G
Lily G
Alyson H
Jaden M
Brinley N
Tasha V
Lahua P
Destinee W - Monday Only
Olivia Preston- Monday Only
Kimme H -Wednesday only
Chloe Q-Wednesday only
Brynlee W- Wednesday only
Ashley C- Wednesday only
Quinnley Starr - Wednesday only

Monday/Wednesday 6:15-7:15 (taught by Bethanie/Kamarie & Heidi/Alyssa) *Limited space available on Monday only**
Mary B
Erynn C
Kennedy F
Brinley H
Hannah H
Avery S
Hallie S
Kasherri Hales
Ellie W- Monday only
Kyli V- Wednesday only
Carli V-Wednesday only
Hailey V- Wednesday only
Charlise V- Wednesday only

Tuesday 4:30-5:00 **Limited space available**
Olivia C
Brandi H
Hailey C
Lindsey C
Keira L

Tuesday 5:00-6:00 (taught by Jordan/Alyssa) ** class is full**
Bella C
Ashton C
Lauren G
Makenli M
Abby R
Ruby R
Mia T
Lexi W
Sara H
Morgan L
Lucy B
Maycee J

Tuesday 6:00-7:00 (taught by Jordan/Alyssa) ** class is full**
Paityn B
Tessa D
Abby C
Aubrey D
Emily A
Emily E
Jenacee J
Madison M
Ethan S
Andriel S
Aubriel S
Kassidee L
Chloe A
Jordyn L

Saturday, March 31, 2012

New contact number

Jamie has a new contact number its 801-895-5289

Spring Break

There will be no tumbling on Thursday April 5 and Monday April 9 for spring break. We hope you all have a great spring break.